Apply For a Tenancy With Us

Congratulations on receiving your NRAS ID number.

You can now apply to rent an apartment in Emporio Three under the scheme.

To submit your application with the Emporio Tenancy Manager, you will be required to complete each of the below forms. Also you must provide documentation to confirm your identity and household income.


1. NRAS Tenant Demographic Assessment Form 
2. NRAS Tenant Consent Form 
3. Emporio Three NRAS Tenancy Application Form 
4. NRAS Declaration Form


1. Copy of NRAS Letter of Approval
2. ID Documentation (one primary plus one secondary)
3. Copies of all bank, building society or credit union statements showing 
    money in account and current two month transaction history.
4. Supporting Documents for NRAS Proof of Income Eligibility (see guide below)

Once you have filled out all forms and ensured you have attached all requested identification and documentation, telephone us on 0424 557791 or Email us to arrange for an appointment to lodge your tenancy application.

We will advise you directly if your application to join us as a tenant has been successful.

Proof of Household Income Guide - Please provide the following forms of income applicable to your situationIncome includes wages, pension, allowances, interest and dividend payments and payments made by Centrelink including family allowance.

Payslips for last 6 weeks


Current Centrelink/Department of Veterans’ Affairs Income

and Assets Statement

Other ie. Tax Return or Accountant’s Statement of Earnings



Statements from financial institutions showing total sum of

financial investments held in shares, bonds, debentures,

friendly society bonds, property trusts and any other trusts or

managed investments

Evidence detailing overseas pensions



Compensation payouts or lump sum payout documentation



Written statement from superannuation company showing the

total amount in super fund or investment, including annuities

(for applicants who have reached preservation age)

























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