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The Benefits of Onsite Management  

Onsite management is often quoted as being a more effective way of leasing and managing investment apartments, and has been proven in Australia and overseas where the majority of apartment complexes are run by hands-on management who purchase both the caretaking and letting rights. 

Management rights are an expression used to describe the business of onsite management in an apartment complex. Whilst functioning as a caretaker, the onsite manager also performs letting/renting duties within the complex. The onsite manager must be considered first before appointing an off-site agent, such as a real estate company to manage and let your apartment.

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Consider Some Of The Following Benefits For Choosing On-site Management


  • With an onsite manager, the management and letting is limited to one complex and therefore there is no conflict of interest with other properties. With an off-site agent, your apartment is one of hundreds being handled by that office with no incentive to promote or focus on your apartment.


  • The manager is responsible for the caretaking and presentation of the complex to make it attractive for guests. An off-site agent has no involvement with caretaking the property.


  • The manager has a sizable investment in the complex and is an owner of a unit and a member of the body corporate and contributes to the administrative and sinking funds the same as all owners. An off-site agent has no involvement or investment in the property.


  • The manager lives on-site and knows the building intimately.


  • The manager is able to carry out minor repairs at no or minimal charge.  An off-site agent would need to engage a tradesman at the owner’s expense.


  • The manager has a vested interest in ensuring the units in their care are fully tenanted.


  • The manager observes and is aware of people coming and going to your apartment offering greater security. An agent is not onsite and can not observe potential problems with security.


  • The manager is able to observe on the spot guest breaches such as pets in units or vehicle parking. An agent is not onsite and can not observe potential problems.


  • The manager has a vested interest in the harmony of the complex as they will be the neighbour of the guests and will in turn seek compatible guests.  This is of no concern to an off-site agent.


  • The manager markets the complex as a whole consequently attracting people to your apartment.  An off-site agent markets many units in a district without highlighting one particular property.   

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